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Stone Age Live Model Horse Show!


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stone Age Live Model Horse Show will be held in conjunction with Equilocity 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky.

Included at the Stone Age Live Model Horse Show will be the showing and sale of Special Limited Edition Stone Horse Models.

  Be sure to purchase tickets early for your show table and lunch during the event.

Show Hostess

Dawn Henderson


Performance-Vicky Norris

RR Stones-Tracy Hord

Breyer and Other-Carol Tuft

Customs-"Chunk" Steven Watts

Artist Resins-Chesna Wertz



Stone Age Live Model Horse Show 2017 Show & Rules 


Setup starts at 7:00 am and the show will begin at 8:00 am.


Bluegrass Ballroom 1 Lexington Convention Center

430 W Vine St., Lexington, KY

View Floor Plan here


Due to popular demand, we are going to allow ALL model sizes to show: Traditional, Pebbles, Chips, Micro minis.  If it fits on the table, you can show it!

Class Limits

3 horses per class in halter and 2 horses per class in performance. You may show additional models in halter classes by putting a dollar next to the extra model(s). Judges will pick up the dollar.

Tagging Your Models:

Each model must be tagged with a stringed tag with the following information:

Side One: Model breed and gender

Side Two: Model name and shower’s initials

Please Write LEGIBLY!

Show Rules:

  • All entrants will sign an entry form and waiver agreeing to abide by the show
  • rules.
  • Please do not talk to judges while they are judging and stay back from the show tables while they are being judged. Judges will be happy to answer any question after the class is judged.
  • All judges’ decisions are final.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone causing a disturbance will be asked to leave without a refund.
  • Show management reserves the right to split large classes or combine small classes.
  • Do not pick up or touch anyone’s models without permission.

All show rings will run simultaneously. Each class will be called once, then again, and then a “class closed” announcement will be made. Please pay attention to the announcer or judge as the show will move along at a steady pace.

General Guidelines for All Classes

  • Please do not use footing or bases in halter unless the model needs it to stand properly.
  • Reference material are encouraged, however, please DO NOT use books as reference unless they are less than 5” tall and shorter than the length of the model when open or no bigger than 8 ½ “ X 11”.
  • Documentation for Decorator classes is required!
  • We will not hold halter or performance classes for a model showing in the other division.
  • Breed assignment – Please ask your judge if you have a question about in which class your model should show.


Performance Guidelines

  • Limit of 2 models per shower in each class.
  • Guaranteed set up time of 10 minutes between classes. If you have a major tack change let the show holder or judge know and arrangements for a time extension may be made.
  • If using footing in a tray, please use the smallest tray possible. For pleasure and costume classes, only if necessary to support the model and no larger than 11” x 14”. All other classes within NAMHSA limits (18” x 30”).
  • Use documentation where appropriate.


Division Definitions

  • OF Stone Halter: Any regular or SR model produced by the Peter Stone Company that was an edition of 25 pieces or more. Design-A-Horse models are included in this division. Information on run sizes is also available on the Stone Horse Reference site at
  • OF Stone Limited Run and OOAK: Any Stone model that is part of an edition of 24 pieces or less, including all OOAK Models.
  • OF Other Plastic: Any plastic model not manufactured by The Peter Stone Company.
  • Customized: Any plastic or mass produced resin model that has been altered in any way by an individual other than the manufacturer.
  • Artist Resins: Any model produced in limited number and finished by an individual.
  • Unrealistic: Models not eligible for regular breed classes. This includes models painted with unrealistic colors, designs or patterns.
  • Fantasy models are models who began their lives as an equid. First and second place in this division qualifies for yellow NAN collectability cards only if a Unicorn, Pegasus, or Unicorn/Pegasus cross.



  • Ribbons are awarded for 1st through 3rd placings.
  • Rosettes will be given to all section champion and reserve champion winners.
  • Stone Trophy Models are awarded for Overall Champion and Reserve Champion in each division in halter, only.  

The Champion and Reserve Champion are the two best horses in their division or section. Therefore, the Champion will be chosen from 1st place horses and Reserve Champion will be chosen from the remaining 1st place horses plus the 2nd place horse behind the Champion.


NAN INFORMATION:  NAMSHA Membership for this show is pending. The first and second place models in each class will receive a "NAN" card which qualifies them to compete at the North American Model Horse Showers Finals held yearly at various locations.  Green NAN cards are for breed, yellow NAN cards are for collectability and pink NAN cards are for performance.

If you are interested in being a judge at Stone Age Live, please let us know.



We welcome enteries to the 19th Annual Stone Age Live 2016 Show! If have any questions, please ask, the show staff is here to help.




Miscellaneous Performance

101 Harness

102 Native American Costume

103 Arabian Costume

104 Other Costume

105 Parade

106 Saddle Seat

107 Other Performance

Miscellaneous Performance Champion/Reserve 

English Performance

108 Jumper/Cross Country/Steeplechase

109 Hunter Over Fences

110 Dressage

111 Trail (Natural & Arena)

112 Hunt Seat Pleasure

113 Other English Performance

English Performance Champion/Reserve 

Western Performance

114 Cattle Work (Roping, Cutting etc.)

115 Reining/Western Riding

116 Games

117 Trail (Arena & Natural)

118 Western Pleasure

119 Other Western Event

Western Performance Champion/Reserve 

Grand/Reserve Champion Performance



Draft/Long Ears Breeds

201 British Draft

202 European Draft

203 American Draft

204 Long Ears

205 Other Pure/Mix Breeds

OF Stone Draft/Long Ears Champion/Reserve

Pony Breeds

206 British (incl. British Shetlands)

207 European

208 American/South American

(incl. American & Show Shetlands, Hackneys)

209 Other Pure/Mix Ponies

OF Stone Pony Breeds Champion/Reserve

Stock Breeds

210 Quarter Horse Stallions

211 Quarter Horse Mares and Geldings

212 Paint

213 Appaloosa

214 Mustang (incl. Spanish Mustang)

215 Other Pure/Mixed Stock Breeds

OF Stone Stock Breed Champion/Reserve

Sport/Carriage/Spanish Breeds

216 Thoroughbred/Standardbred

217 German Warm Blood

218 Other Warm Blood

219 Carriage Breeds

220 Andulusian/Lusitano/Lippizan

221Other Pure/Part Spanish(incl all Pasos)

222 Other Pure/Mix Sport Breeds

OF Stone Sport/Carriage/Spanish Champion/Reserve

Light/Gaited Breeds

223 Arabian Stallions

224 Arabian Mares and Geldings

225 NSH

226 Part Arabian

227 Morgan

228 American Saddle bred

229 TWH

230 Other Pure/Mix Light/Gaited Breeds

OF Stone Light/Gaited Champion/Reserve

OF Stone Foals

231 QH Foals

232 Appaloosa Foals

233 Paint Foals

234 Arabian Foals

235 Part Arabian Foals

236 Other Pure/Mix Foals

OF Stone Foal Champion/Reserve

OF Stone Unrealistic

237 Light/Gaited Breed Type

238 Sport/Carriage/Spanish Type

239 Stock Type

240 Draft/Pony/Other Type

241 Fantasy

OF Stone Decorator Champion/Reserve

OF Stone  Grand Champion/Reserve


Stone OOAK/Limited Run

Draft/Long Ears Breeds

301 British Draft

302 European Draft

303 American Draft

304 Long Ears

305 Other Pure/Mix Breeds

Draft/Long Ears Champion/Reserve

Pony Breeds

306 British (incl. British Shetlands)

307 European

308 American/South American

(incl. American & Show Shetlands, Hackneys)

309 Other Pure/Mix Ponies

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Ponies Champion/Reserve

Stock Breeds

310 Quarter Horse Stallions

311 Quarter Horse Mares and Geldings

312 Paint

313 Appaloosa

314 Mustang (incl. Spanish Mustang)

315 Other Pure/Mixed Stock Breeds

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Stock Champion/Reserve

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Sport/Carriage/Spanish Breeds

316 Thoroughbred/Standardbred

317 German Warm Blood

318 Other Warm Blood

319 Carriage Breeds

320 Andulusian/Lusitano/Lippizan

321Other Pure/Part Spanish(incl all Pasos)

322 Other Pure/Mix Sport Breeds

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Sport/Carriage/Spanish Breeds Champion/Reserve

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Light/Gaited Breeds

323 Arabian Stallions

324 Arabian Mares and Geldings

325 NSH

326 Part Arabian

327 Morgan

328 American Saddle bred

329 TWH

330 Other Pure/Mix Light/Gaited Breeds

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Light/Gaited Breeds Champion/Reserve

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Foals

331 QH Foals

332 Appaloosa Foals

333 Paint Foals

334 Arabian Foals

335 Part Arabian Foals

336 Other Pure/Mix Foals

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Foals l Champion/Reserve

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Unrealistic

337 Light/Gaited Breed Type

338 Sport/Carriage/Spanish Type

339 Stock Type

340 Draft/Pony/Other Type

341 Fantasy

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Unrealistic Champion/Reserve

Stone OOAK/Limited Run Grand Champion/Reserve



Draft/Long Ears Breeds

401 British Draft

402 European Draft

403 American Draft

404 Long Ears/Exotics

405 Other Pure/Mix Draft Breeds

OF Other Plastic Draft/Long Ears Champion/Reserve

Pony Breeds

406 British (incl. British Shetlands)

407 European

408 American/South American

(incl. American & Show Shetlands, Hackneys)

409 Other Pure/Mix Ponies

OF Other Plastic Pony Breeds Champion/Reserve

Stock Breeds

410 Quarter Horse

411 Paint

412 Appaloosa

413 Mustang (incl. Spanish Mustang)

414 Other Pure/Mixed Stock Breeds

OF Other Plastic Stock Breed Champion/Reserve

Sport/Carriage/Spanish Breeds

415 Thoroughbred/Standardbred

416 German Warm Blood

417 Other Warm Blood

418 Carriage Breeds

419 Spanish

420 Other Pure/Mix Sport/Spanish Breed

OF Other Plastic Sport/Carriage/Spanish Champion/Reserve

Light/Gaited Breeds

421 Arabian

422 Part Arabian  incl. NSH

423 Morgan

424 American Saddle bred


426 Other Pure/Mix Light and Gaited Breeds

OF Other Plastic Light/Gaited Champion/Reserve

OF Other Plastic Foals

427 Stock Breed Foals

428 Light Breed Foals

429 Sport Breed Foals

430 Spanish Breed Foals

431 Draft Foals

432 Pony Foals

433 Other Pure/Mix Foals

OF Other Plastic Foals Champion/Reserve

OF Other Plastic Unrealistic

434 Wood Grain

435 Charcoals

436 Pre 1980 Unrealistic

437 Post 1980 Unrealistic

438 Fantasy

OF Other Plastic Unrealistic Champion/Reserve

OF Other Plastic Grand Champion/Reserve




Draft/Long Ears Breed

501 British Draft

502 European Draft

503 American Draft

504 Long Ears

505 Other Pure/Mix Breeds

Custom Draft/Long Ears Champion/Reserve

Pony Breeds

506 British (incl. Brit Shetland)

507 European

508 American/South American

(incl. American & Show Shetlands, Hackneys)

509 Other Pure/Mix Ponies

Custom Pony Breeds Champion/Reserve

Stock Breeds

510 Quarter Horse

511 Paint

512 Appaloosa

513 Mustang (incl. Spanish Mustang)

514 Other Pure/Mix Stock Breeds

Custom Stock Breed Champion/Reserve

Sport/Carriage/Spanish Breeds

515 Thoroughbred/Standardbred

516 Warm Blood

517 Carriage Breeds

518 Spanish

519 Other Pure/Mix Sport/Spanish

Custom Sport/Carriage/Spanish Champion/Reserve

Light/Gaited Breeds

520 Arabian

521 Part Arabian

522 Morgan


524 American Saddlebreds

525 Other Pure/Mix Light/Gaited Breeds

Custom Light/Gaited Champion/Reserve


526 Stock Breed foals

527 Light Breed Foals

528 Sport Breed Foals

529 Spanish Breed Foals

530 Draft Breed Foals

531 Pony breed Foals

532 Other Pure/Mix Foals

Custom Foal Champion/Reserve

533 Unrealistic Customs

534 Fantasy Customs

Custom Unrealistic Champion/Reserve

Custom Grand  Champion/Reserve



Draft/Long Ears Breeds

601 British Draft

602 European Draft

603 American Draft

604 Long Ears

605 Other Pure/Mix Draft/Long Ears

Artist Resin Draft/Long Ears Champion/Reserve

Pony Breeds

606 British (incl. Brit Shetlands)

607 European

608 American/South American

(incl. Am & Show Shetlands, Hackneys)

609 Other Pure/Mix ponies

Artist Resin Pony Breeds Champion/Reserve

Stock Breeds

610 Quarter Horse

611 Paint

612 Appaloosa

613 Mustang (incl. Spanish Mustang)

614 Other Pure/Mix Stock Breed

Artist Resin Stock Breed Champion/Reserve

Sport/Carriage/Spanish Breeds


616 Warm Bloods

617 Carriage Breeds (inc Hackney Horses)

618 Spanish

619 Other Pure/Mix Sport/Spanish

Artist Resin Sport/Carriage/Spanish/Reserve

Light/Gaited Breeds

620 Arabian

621 Part Arabian

622 Morgan


624 American Saddle bred

625 Other Pure/Mix/Light Breed

Artist Resin Light/Gaited Champion/Reserve


626 Stock Breed Foal

627 Light Breed Foals

628 Sport Breed Foals

629 Spanish Breed Foals

630 Draft Breed Foals

631 Pony Foals

632 Other Pure/Mix Foals

Artist Resin Foal Champion/Reserve


633 Unrealistic Artist Resins

634 Fantasy Artist Resins

Artist Resin Unrealistic Champion/Reserve

Artist Resin Grand  Champion/Reserve

Stone Age Live Show 7/15

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