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Welcome to Equilocity Art of the Horse  2020 Photo Show

Our lovely Hosts

Elena Lemm

Renee Justiss

Loading: June 30-July 31st  2020
Stewarding: Aug 1-6th  2020
Judging: Aug 7-10th 2020


FCM Stones- Elizabeth Jones
Original mold Stones: Heather Visser
Breyer/other plastic- Kristin Arendt
Stone mini: Michaela Hedrick
Breyer/other mini: Shana Bobbit
China: Heather Malone
Custom glazed: Meghan Namaste
Custom: Mary Hirsch
Artist Resin: Carrie Richmond
Custom mini: Shannon Southard
Artist resin mini: Heather Malone
Performance: Vicky Norris

Youth: Harriotte Peston

Click Below for more info.

Photo Show Facebook Page Click Here 

Event Info

Youth Classlist 

Open Classlist

Cost to show $30 flat fee.

Awards and Gift Certificates will be given!

Thanks for stopping by!

Results and winners' pics will be posted on The Peter Stone Co social media during the EQ event happening August 12-15, 2020.

Pics shared on official social media will be done so at The Peter Stone CO's discretion with credit to the owners.

2020 Art of the Horse Photo Show-Equilocity

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