Frequently Asked Questions

What are Stone Horses Model Horse Sizes?

Answer: The scale of our models range from the smallest, called Stone Chips (standing 2-3 inches tall) to our mid-size models called Pebbles (standing 4-6 inches tall) to the full-size models, our largest scale which can stand from 7 to 11 inches tall.  Titles and descriptions containing "Chip" or "Pebbles" refer to our smaller scale models. Titles and descriptions without these terms indicate full size models.  See our Model Horse Scale and Sizes page for more info.s.

Can I use Lay-Away on any other Stone Horses website?

Answer: No, You will have to call us during regular business hours to do Layaway.  We understand that this can be an issue for those of you wanting to buy OOAK's but you will have to bare with us during this time.

How do the Matte and Glossy options work?

Answer: You will have to write in the 'finish' box, when you order a model, matte or gloss.  This step DOES NOT charge you for the gloss.  You will still need to PURCHASE it!  You will do this as an add-on item.  Gloss is a line item on the site that you buy just like you would buy a model horse.  If you buy (3) horses and you want them all glossed then you will have to purchase (3) gloss packages.

Can I still pay with Paypal or Credit Cards?

Answer: Yes!!  The only difference you will note is that in order to purchase you will have to PAY at time of check out.  If you go into Paypal and back out without paying WE WILL NOT get your order.  We will only receive PAID orders.  All layaways must call!