About Stone Horses

The Peter Stone Company was founded in 1996 under the trade name Stone Horses, and has since continued to be located in the beautiful countryside village of Shipshewana, Indiana.  Shipshewana is well known across the Midwest as a regional center for craftsmen, artisans and artists of many disciplines within the field of arts and crafts.

Founder Peter Stone has always been connected to model horses in a most explicit way.  Peter’s father, Sam Stone, was the founder of the first model horse company in America, circa 1950. Being ten years young at the time, model horses were the “stuff” of which dinner table talk and dreams of the future were made.

Based upon the Stone family tradition, Peter Stone and wife Elaine Stone ensure that every model horse created by Stone Horses exceeds to the high quality standards of years past, each hand crafted and finely finished by a team of gifted artists, artisans and craftsmen from the Shipshewana area.  In addition, several gifted artists travel great distances to work in this bucolic setting where oftentimes the lights in the painting studio burn into the wee hours of the night. Fellowship among the artists and Stone family includes time spent in shared meals, experimentation in painting technique and whirls of color, both real and surreal, which typify each new model horse creation.

Not only are Stone Horses the “Left Bank” of the model horse world, but also a place where live horses roam for riding pleasure and academic artistic study.

Why Stone Horses are highly sought after as valuable collectibles?

  • For some, it is because of the limited number of specific editions;
  • For others, it is because no single custom model horse is exactly like another;
  • For almost everyone, it that every one of the Stone Horse models are as lifelike as the horses portrayed; and,
  • For Peter and Elaine Stone, it's because "We never get tired of looking at them!".

To learn more about Stone Horses and their long standing tradition of handcrafting the finest model horses in the world, please continue to exploring our website or just call or write with any questions you might have.  We are pleased to help you!